Bonus 100%<br>Up to 25000 INR + 250FS
Bonus 100%
Up to 25000 INR + 250FS

Sweet Bonanza: how to win?

Sweet Bonanza is a popular slot machine from Pragmatic Play, advertised by reviews and casinos. Our task is to understand how to beat it and maximize your winnings. And to do this, you need to understand how it works and works. First, let’s look at the basics.

Basic symbols and mechanics
Sweet Bonanza game interface

The player is greeted by a pastel pink interface, the location of the game is a sweet desert. The slot machine is a field of 6 by 5 symbols, on which various figures are located, and the winning amount depends on them. The main feature of the slot is the absence of lines, the winnings are determined only by the number of identical symbols on the screen from the start to the end of the spins.

In total, there are 10 main characters in the game, as well as a rarely dropped multiplier bomb, which is worth talking about after analyzing the root mechanics.
All Sweet Bonanza symbols

The game help page describes them well, but does not show in detail the order of precedence of characters. The winning limit depends on the number of certain elements on the screen, the most valuable symbol is a lollipop (scatter), which gives x100 to the initial bet if 6 pieces fall on one screen when fruits and sweets land. Full order of game sweets:

  1. Lollipop – scatter symbol.
  2. Red heart.
  3. Purple square candy.
  4. Green pentagon.
  5. Blue rectangle.
  6. Apple.
  7. Plum.
  8. Watermelon.
  9. Grapes.
  10. Banana.

You can understand that this is the order by the coefficients in the help (see the screenshot above). It adapts to the size of the bet, so you should look more often in the “Help” section if you want to calculate the potential winnings more accurately.

There is a very good factor that significantly increases the chances — after a winning combination, these symbols disappear from the field, and new ones fall out in their place, without affecting the rest. And this can create a new, more profitable combination for the player, and so several times in a circle. As a result, in one click of the button, several successful spins may fall out, the multipliers of which will be summed up with each other. 

Bomb and Sweet Bonanza Free Spins
The process of playing for money in Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza slot has a game mode with free spins, which can be purchased for x100 of the current bet amount. In addition, it can be obtained if the player gets 4 scatter symbols or more. There are only ten free spins bonuses, they can fall out during the game. The player has no control over the symbols, he just has to watch the combinations fall out on the screen and hope for luck. 

In the Sweet Bonanza slot machine, developers from Pragmatic Play have added several profitable options:

  • Lollipops start falling out more often, giving additional profit and increasing the number of free spins;
  • Bombs with a random multiplier from x2 to x100 appear on the field, which multiply the player’s winnings;
  • There may be several sweet bombs, and they may fall into the place of winning symbols.

Bombs are one of the key points that determine the profitability of playing Sweet Bonanza. Without them, the purchase of bonuses would be meaningless, due to the impossibility of wagering due to the high cost.

By raising the bet, you can activate the double chance mode. Remember that this does not give the player the right to buy free spins. At the same time, the help for the game indicates that there are more lollipops in the double chance mode.

Betting control and auto-play in Sweet Bonanza

The interface in the slot is similar to other slot machines, but it differs in some points, and we will tell you about them. 

The bet amount menu is not made standard. The size of the gambler’s bet depends on 4 main parameters: bet, coin value and total bet, as well as the bet multiplier, the value of which cannot be corrected directly. The value of sweet multipliers is equal to 20 or 25, depending on whether a double bet is selected.
Sweet Bonanza slot settings

The dependency formula is rather unobvious at first glance, let’s tell you a little more about it:

the bet amount is = bet*coin value*bet multiplier. Example from the screenshot: 9*0,5*20 =$90.

The auto play is configured independently and the player can set the indicator from 10 to 1.000 spins. In addition to the slider for switching games, the pop-up menu contains only three checkboxes responsible for the functions of acceleration and skipping animations. Pay attention to this parameter, because there are no stops provided for a large win — the machine can completely scroll through all the winnings if it does not stop the rotation in automatic mode in time.

Factors influencing winning in Sweet Bonanza

After revealing the mechanics, you need to reveal several numbers. The main one is the local RTP, the percentage of return to the player ranges from 96.4% to 96.8%, depending on the source. Pragmatic Play itself claims up to 96.51%.

The slot has a high volatility index, the spread (variance) of the results of games is large – this is good and bad at the same time, since a player can both hit a big jackpot and completely lose the entire game deposit. If luck smiles, the player will remain in a good plus.

The minimum bet amount is 20 cents, the maximum is 125 dollars. The higher the amounts, the larger the potential limits of winnings become. The maximum multiplier from the bet is 21.000x.

Winning Sweet Bonanza Strategy

When the mechanism of the inner workings of the slot is fully understood, it is worth going to the direct answer to the question: “How to win?” Since the result of each game is unpredictable and completely depends on the RNG, it is worthwhile to understand which strategy is most effective and start testing it (ideally – in demo-versions, without depositing). The mathematical expectation remains negative, as the slots are made very competently. Despite this, the chances of winning for each player are quite real. 

Watch the video on how to win at Sweet Bonanza: tips and tactics

One of the obvious solutions is to bet until the balance goes to conditional x2. Here it is important not to recoup with obvious bad luck and draining the bank, since such behavior in almost 100% of cases will lead to a zero deposit balance. 

The player’s task in Sweet Bonanza is to increase the chances of dropping 4 or more lollipops, because this guarantees free spins, sweet bombs and the appearance of multipliers. Let ‘s denote the following basic rules of the strategy:

  1. Before real replenishment of the balance – test the selected strategies in demo mode.
  2. It is necessary to be able to stop in time, not to recoup and not to be greedy in the event of a “white stripe”, putting a large amount or the entire balance at stake.
  3. Maximize the chances of getting multipliers: use a double chance or purchase free spins.
  4. If possible, bet different amounts of money in order to have a chance of both a minimal loss and a good win.

These are the main game recommendations for playing Sweet Bonanza. In slots, the player has a fairly small degree of control over what is happening, the main tool is a bet. It is important to remember that following strategies is not a way to make money in the long run, since there is no guarantee of victory. To protect the deposit from bankruptcy, you can use the Martingale strategy (doubling the amount after each loss), which also works for slot machines, but it is not a winning one, but helps to save the deposit.