Bonus 100%<br>Up to 25000 INR + 250FS
Bonus 100%
Up to 25000 INR + 250FS

Reviews of Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza slot is a slot machine with a chocolate factory installation from Pragmatic Play. With each spin, sweets and fruits fall smoothly onto the playing field. The slot has a valuable scatter (a lollipop symbol), sweet bombs and random multipliers that appear among the sweets when the free spins are activated. 

The goal of the game is to collect a winning combination of identical symbols (from 8 to 12), make the most of the multipliers that fall out and follow the scatter. Before replenishing the balance, we recommend reading the reviews of real players:

Sweet Bonanza is my first slot in an online casino


I learned about the slot from a friend who has been playing for many years. I decided to try it too, although I always considered slot machines to be cheating and extortion of money, in which you can’t win. I started with minimal bets, then I realized the principle of the game, decided to increase the amount and won from the 4th time. Really surprised. I have withdrawn funds without any problems, I still play sometimes.

William, 28 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Bonanza – a source of additional income


It got boring at the university, I came across an advertisement for this machine. I thought I’d try. I thought just to distract myself, to test, I did not consider it as an income. It turned out that it really works. At first I lost, and then I filled my hand with the demo. A few months later, I started saving up for a car. I am glad that I accidentally stumbled upon this particular slot)). 

James, 19 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Review after a year of playing Sweet Bonanza


I’ve always wanted to get into a real casino, but it doesn’t fit into the plans: either there is no time, or money for a trip. I decided to start with slots. I heard that they are a game with minimal risks and the ability to make small bets. I just leaked the first deposit, because I didn’t stop on time. After that, I took a break, played without real contributions and learned to “hit the brakes” on time. I have been playing steadily for the last year, already for money. I have won large sums several times, and I am generally satisfied. 

Isabella, 31 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Sweet Bonanza – earnings or cheating?


I will write an honest review. I threw 5,000 rubles into the game; I immediately lowered 3, because of the high stakes. Then I bet smaller amounts, and got 7,000. In general, I’m in a small plus. While I continue to try my luck. I wonder now what the maximum amount I can win).

Jacob, 35 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Second job is Sweet Bonanza


I never thought that I would succumb to the reviews of friends and start playing, it’s still unrealistic to earn money there. Now I realized that this is my second job, the income is slightly inferior to the main one, but there is no need to strain on this one. You sit during lunch or in the evening – and the money drips a little. I shoot once a month, there were no problems.

Michael, 24 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Found, saw – won the Bonanza!


I’ve been betting in Pin-up  I’ve been addicted for many years. I saw a notice advertising a casino on the same site. I went to the section with slots, tried a few on mini-malks, it didn’t go at all. Last of all, I got a Bonanza, so I just liked it, a good joke. I won more than 4.000 rubles in a couple of hours. A trifle, but nice. Now I enter it on a par with the bids.  

Michael, 40 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

A successful bet in Sweet Bonanza


I liked the slot right away, but I had no luck with winning for a long time. I decided to bet the entire deposit and won. To say that I was in shock is to say nothing. Luck or chance – but I’m glad of it. I’m trying my hand further, while I’m putting average amounts, now I’m a little in the black. I advised my friends, almost everyone appreciated it.

Thomas, 25 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Rest from working at the casino with Bonanza


I started playing for fun. My friend advised me. He managed to break a good amount. Fortune doesn’t really smile at me, but I still wanted to try something like that. As a result, I won more than 15.000 rubles. Normally so, appreciated). The main thing that I realized is that it’s not worth taking it out and increasing the bet if you’re really unlucky. Rested, took a break, and again you try to catch luck by the tail. Separately, I would like to thank the technical support for their help with verification and withdrawal of funds. 

Jack, 33 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Winning in Sweet Bonanza is real!


I have always been skeptical about everything gambling, especially slot machines. But lately I’ve started to get interested in both betting and online casinos. At the same time, I tried to study strategies, read reviews, reviews in order to use a pleasant pastime to good use. It’s been a little more than 2 weeks since registration, and I won for the first time! Emotions are indescribable) Now I want to practice on small bets and play big. 

Mia, 24 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Sweet Bonanza – play or earn?


Vending machines are my personal way to get away from problems or after hard work. At first, I just played for fun, and then I noticed that the balance is steadily coming out in a plus. Increased the stakes, lost a little, and had to give up for a while. After the vacation, I decided to return to the slot, but not for entertainment, but for earnings. It turns out not bad, I have already managed to withdraw more than 140.000 rubles in a month, so far this is my maximum, but I don’t stop there.

Ethan, 41 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Review of the Sweet Bonanza slot


At first, I didn’t like the machine very much, it was simple, and not quite “male”. Then he suddenly got involved. With winnings, I’m lucky 50/50. Sometimes I go to zero, and another day gets a good profit. But, I rather like to play than not. There is an hour – you put the amount, you are waiting for a successful combination. Average earnings without strain, just fine. 

Harry, 26 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Problems and their solution in Sweet Bonanza


With slot machines for a long time on “you”. I started earning a little money on them even during the absence of an online casino. I liked not the winnings themselves, but this atmosphere. Time is passing, the nearest establishments have been closed for a long time, and I really wanted to remember the past years. I found a proven casino on the site, placed bets several times, and won, although there was a trifle at stake. The problems started when I tried to withdraw them. It turned out that it was necessary to confirm the identity, I did not finish it. Thanks to the support guys, they helped me figure everything out. Pleasantly surprised, I continue to play. 

Oscar, 53 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Bonanza – sweet bets on all fields


For a long time I wasted money on different slots in attempts to earn money, but everything passed by. A friend often told me how he wins in the candy slot, it turned out that this is the Sweet Bonanza. I decided to try to play in it, at minimum rates, for the most part – luck was on my side. Each time I slightly increased the amount. Recently I tried to use all the fields, and … the result was not long in coming. I WON!!! For 2 days on the balance is a good plus, now it remains to withdraw. While I will not continue, first I will take these off and spend them).

Charlotte, 24 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Gambling is a real evil


…At least, that’s what many friends think, who don’t see how I win, doing practically nothing)). I don’t talk much about the game, so as not to scare luck. The winnings are stable and quite large, which was a revelation for me. I was even thinking of leaving my official job while watching the game at a long distance. If it continues to be so lucky, I will try to make Sweet Bonanza the main source of income. It turned out not to really work and earn!

Ella, 31 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Bonanza – money that comes into your hands by itself


All I can say is that I am satisfied. Very! The lack of a jackpot and risk games in the rounds is a little frustrating, but these are trifles. Winnings – you can get really big. The range for withdrawal is wide. I waited for the transfer to the card for 4 hours, which is quite fast, given all sorts of banking and verification time spent on checks. I only play when I’m in a good mood, maybe that’s why I get lucky so often. I advise all my friends, let them also make money out of thin air.

Lucas, 39 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

Own strategy for Sweet Bonanza


I would never have believed it myself, but I did it. By trial and error, I found a scheme that really brings good loot. My wife was against it for a long time, until they bought her a ring from the first win, which she had been asking for a long time. I couldn’t buy it, because I didn’t earn that much. I was putting it off, and then once – and the whole amount! Now she doesn’t mind, we’re saving up for a car, most of the money has already been collected. I won’t give out secrets and schemes and don’t want to fly into a ban, but they really are. Good luck to everyone!

Tom, 27 years old. ⭐ 5/5.

I advise you Bonanza fruit machine


Slot games are not only for the male half, as it turned out. I found the coolest slot machine in an online casino, decided to try myself as a player). At first, I was not very lucky, probably, like all beginners. Then just a white streak began. For the last month – I lost 18.000, a lot, as it were … but, I won more than 40! That is, I won back and even came out as a plus. I’m a great guy, and the slot is really cool! Now I earn myself for all sorts of little things, my husband is shocked; at first he did not believe it. I played with him – I also won, he no longer calls the game a “cheating” and a senseless drain of money.

Sophie, 23 years old. ⭐ 5/5.